Electrical Diagnostic Services

We have over 20 years Experience providing Car Electrical Repairs to Oaville and the surrounding Areas.

Our services include the supply, fit and repair of

Electrical and electronic components
HID lights and remote starters installation
Mechanical parts
Car diagnostic

Cars have a series of electrical and electronic systems that can vary based on the model, make and age of your car. If these systems start to malfunction, they can ruin the performance of your car and potentially jeopardize your safety. These electrical systems include your car battery, alternator, and starter.

Take your car in for an electrical diagnostic if your headlights are growing dim, your dashboard and interior lights don’t glow, or if your car won’t start. An electrical diagnostic from Oakville Auto Centers will locate the source of your car’s electrical issue and fix it so you can get back on the road.

We give you complete solutions to all types of car electrical problems. All work is carried out by professional, with the latest available technology to diagnose the problem. As modern cars now use more and more electronics and mini computers in every function in your vehicle there is of course more that can go wrong. Whether it's the windows, sunroof, central locking system, in-car entertainment system or a problem in the engine we can resolve the matter quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road.


Please call us for an appointment if you require any of the following Car Electrical Repair or Diagnostic Services.