Transmission Service & Repair

Oakville Auto Centers understands that transmission repairs can be an expensive, time-consuming auto repair. That’s why it’s important to regularly inspect your transmission for any problems or defects. The most common and important thing to do for your transmission is to change your transmission fluid. This is done because over time, bits of metal chip off your gears contaminating your transmission. Also the extreme heat your transmission creates will eventually cause the fluid to break down and not work properly anymore.

At Oakville Auto Centers, we will inspect your fluid and transmission every time you come in for an oil change. This ensures that your transmission fluid levels are topped off allowing your transmission to work properly.

Suspect a transmission fluid leak or need your 40,000 km transmission service? Oakville Auto Centers is conveniently located in Oakville and has the staff, parts and technology to keep your car or truck safely on the road and in peak performance. When you visit or call us, you always speak with a licensed transmission technician who is an expert in diagnosing your domestic or foreign transmission problems. An authorized repair center for manual and automatic transmissions, Oakville Auto Centers performs computerized diagnostics. We also service clutches, differentials, drive-shafts, and CV boots and joints.

Oakville Auto Centers, Transmission Tips

The transmission fluid helps keep your transmission’s gears moving smoothly without friction. If you smell something burning, while driving your car or while checking the transmission fluid, the fluid is likely old and will need to be replaced. Transmission fluid should be bright red in color, which you can check by wiping a small amount on a cotton ball or a piece of white paper, and should smell slightly sweet. While you can usually check the transmission fluid yourself, the draining and changing of it should be handled by a professional, especially with an automatic transmission. If you do want to change it yourself, check your owner’s manual and follow its instructions carefully, including using the recommended type of transmission fluid.  Be careful not to overfill with fluid, as this can cause it to foam and lead to damage to your transmission.


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